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June 23, 2010 · 11 comments

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OK, here’s the story: I don’t have a lot of interesting things going on in my life right now; hence my blog is pretty dull.  My life consists of me cleaning up after my kids and watching them eat snacks all day.  That’s it.  That’s my life in a nutshell. So I haven’t been blogging much.  But I feel bad about that so I’m going to rack my brain to thing of some more things to share with you.

–I have two giant zits on my cheek and chin right now.  Normally my skin is pretty good but since I will be going to Utah this weekend and seeing lots of new people, my body decided to play a big practical joke and make me look gross.

–I maxed out my credit card.  Mister was none too pleased, being unemployed and all.  It turns out that spending money helps to fill the sad hole in my psyche.  (Not really but it’s worth a try.) When I see a cute pair of kelly green espadrilles how can I say no?  How could such great shoes not make me feel happier? (Plus they were 30% off.  The fact that I have nothing to match them is immaterial.)

–I finished painting my mudroom cupboards but I don’t want to post a picture of them because I don’t want you to think that I’m one of those people who tries to show how awesome they are.  But they look good.  Maybe if I also posted a picture of the disaster known as my closet you would see that I really am not all that.

–I am somewhat attracted to Eminem even though he looks like a dork and has a potty mouth.

–I am super baby hungry.  I KNOW!  I already have six kids, you don’t need to remind me.  (Mister had a vasectomy anyway so that’s that.)  I think I’m just having a hard time facing the fact that I’m not the young mom anymore.  Now I’m the aging mother of teenagers.  Technically I still have a preschooler, but I’m like a whole generation away from the other moms at playgroup.  And looking young isn’t the same thing.   When it turns out that I was getting my driver’s license the year they were born, it’s strange.  And it makes me feel old.  Do you know what would make me feel young again?  Having a baby!  Ugh.  Shut up already, Jennie!

–Sometimes I think I’m pretty, then other times I think I’m so-so.  Sometimes I think my hair looks good then someone will take a picture and it looks flat and boring.  How can that be?  Which is right?  The camera or the mirror?

–Mocha is the grossest flavor.

–I didn’t cry at all in Toy Story 3.  That makes me feel sort of hard-hearted.  But then I remembered that I cried a ton during Up, so maybe it’s just that toys really are nothing but plastic to me.

–My Macbook Air has a broken hinge connecting the screen to the keyboard (good job, Apple,  making it the one plastic part on the entire computer!)  I keep meaning to take it in to be fixed but the idea of being without it for longer than an hour gives me the heebie-jeebies.  So now my laptop has two options: shut or lying open flat.  I have a particular hatred for all things broken since I grew up in a house with a frugal and creative mother who bought nothing new and “fixed” everything with wire, strips of cloth and/or duct tape.  

–I hate white and yellow flowers in landscaping.  Those are the colors of weeds.  Give me pink and red and purple any day.

–I really love movie popcorn with lots of butter.  I am hoping I can squeeze in a movie at the Megaplex in Utah this weekend because their buttered popcorn is superb.

–Edward is a loser. I simply do not get Twilight.

–I had to wrap up all my art books an hide them in the attic because I kept finding them in my boys’ bathroom; all the art books full of nekkid ladies.  Boys are gross.

–All my children’s socks are now kept in the mudroom.  I’m hoping it will cut down on the sock-related torment I feel in my life.  If it didn’t make their feet stink I would make my kids go sockless year-round.  Socks are my nemesis, my bête noire.

–People who have food issues (gluten-free, non-dairy, blah, blah blah) kind of seem babyish and high-maintenance. Unless you get cold sores on your mouth or something gross like that.  Then I just feel sorry for you.

–I’m a little excited to drive a Uhaul halfway across the country (in case you missed the news, my mom is moving from Salt Lake to Austin).  Mostly because I love road trips (without kids) and also because my sister decided to come along. We’ll be able to talk for hours.  My mom will be driving her deathtrap car behind us. I hope we all make it back to Texas safely. Do they have wi-fi at truck stops?