Item of the week

Boy, have I dropped the ball on the item of the week! No excuse other than that I’m having a little too much fun now that my kids are in school all day. Seriously, you guys should try it. It’s the BEST.

Anyway, this week’s item is light bulbs. Which seems a little odd until you’ve run out of light bulbs and then nothing else seems to matter if you can’t see.  Yes, you could just buy them as needed but that’s not exactly being prepared, is it?

Here is what I want you to do: buy one or two packs of light bulbs per 500 sq. ft. of home that you live in. (I am assuming that a pack holds four light bulbs.) So if you live in a 1000 s.f. apartment you will buy 2-4 packs of bulbs (that’s a grand total of 8-16 individual bulbs).  If your house is 3000 s.f. then you’ll buy 6-12 packs. This may seem like a lot but just think about all the closet lights kids leave on, and porch lights that burn out. You’ll use them, I promise. These aren’t like canned beets that are never going to get eaten.

This is all assuming that you are using incandescent lights. Of course I am using them because fluorescents make my skin look ugly and are never bright enough. It is my right as an American to squander electricity as I see fit.

If you have switched to using all fluourescents, then pat your smug self on the back and maybe just get a couple of extras to have on hand.

(Mom, you don’t need to tell me to use those Reveal lights. I am perfectly aware that those are super bright. I have been to your house. I know.)

Canned meat! Whether your family likes tuna fish, Spam or canned chicken, you need some of this! Think how you’ll plan on making a meal if refrigeration isn’t possible due to power outages. In a scarcity situation, meat will be a hot commodity. Although it’s more expensive than most of your other grocery items, it’s really worth stocking up on.

Have you ever had the power go out and you can find candles but you can’t find anything to light them with? That always happens to me.

Unless you’re really into starting fires with steel wool and batteries, I suggest you get a couple of extra lighters and a box of matches.
This should be one of the easiest weeks since you can get these things just about any place: Craft store, grocery store or even at the 7-11. Get at least two lighters and a big box of matches.

Well now, this week’s item is nice and straightforward; no worries about picky eaters or gluten intolerance. If you have teeth, you need toothbrushes. I would recommend at least two per person. Get the cheapos or splurge–it’s up to you. Just keep in mind how much you won’t want to be around your family if their toothbrushes wear out.

Remember how we bought water a couple of weeks ago? Well, this is the perfect thing to go with it. Whether it’s Lemonade mix, Kool-aid or Crystal Light, this is great to have on hand in case you are left drinking water that maybe doesn’t taste so great (our tap water is dreadful in the summer!) Imagine if you had to drink out of those giant blue buckets that many of us use for water storage–gross! You’ll be begging for a little flavoring!

So buy a couple of big containers to keep on hand.

Have you ever run out of band-aids? It’s such a pain (Haha, pain! Get it?). We’re right in the middle of skinned-knee season so your supplies might be running low. I know mine are.

If you have small children then you probably go through these things like water. When I had much younger children I used to argue with them about whether they did, in fact. need a band-aid. The kids rarely did but I objected to giving them one for non-legitimate injuries. Now I’ve smartened up and have realized that the sooner an “injured” kid gets a band-aid, the sooner she shuts up. Is $2.88 really that much to spend on peace and quiet?

So lets stock up on kid and adult sized Band-aids this week. And grab a tube or two of Neosporin while you’re at it.

I know, I know, we already did water. Twice. But you guys need to understand how important this is! Especially in this hot weather. You simply cannot have too much water.

Don’t put this off. Get at least one flat (a flat is one of those big old packs with a couple dozen 20 oz. bottles) of water bottles per person. I know that seems like a lot but water is cheap. This won’t break the bank for anyone.
Get some water.
That’s an order.

I hate when people are so coy and call these items “feminine hygiene products”. Americans can be so Victorian about the weirdest things. Nevermind that there are tons of high school girls out there wearing short shorts that show their butt cheeks and skimpy little tank tops. But let’s not shock anyone by saying tampon. That would be so scandalous!

I don’t want to get too graphic but this is not the week to put off buying your preparedness items. I don’t want to imagine a scenario where I did not have a large supply of these items. Ew.

Think how many tampons and/or pads you’ll need for at least two cycles (3-4 months would be better, just in case). And keep in mind daughters too. Your little nine-year-old may need this stuff earlier than you think.

Hopefully this item is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you need vitamins? Especially if you haven’t stocked up on fruits and veg and we were in a long-term situation without fresh produce. Ever heard of scurvy or beri-beri? They involve all sorts of lovely things like teeth falling out and bleeding from odd parts of your body. They are not good. You don’t want to be without a good multi-vitamin.

Get an adult formulation and if you have kids, a chewable multivitamin too.

This week we will be buying broth. Broth is the middle child of cooking. Always overlooked, never the star, but important nontheless. I use broth in about half of the entrees and side dishes that I cook.

Usually chicken but sometimes beef or vegetable. Broth is just one of those things you always should have on hand.

I would recommend 3-6 cans per person. You get an extra star if you buy some dried buillon too.

P.S. I always thought it was spelled “buillion”. And I have always pronounced it BULL-yawn. Am I completely wrong? How is it supposed to be pronounced?